“Nasra is a conscienscious coach focused on bringing the best of her qualities of deep listening and sensitive guidance to her clients. I have witnessed her uncanny ability to reflect on situations, zone in on the critical factors in her analysis and re-engage with clients in a manner that demonstrates great humility and skill.”

Dr Michael Butler-Burns

“As my service was growing fast so were my responsibilities. I was finding myself under huge pressure to keep performing to my best, my confidence and self-esteem was at a real low. These were some of the issues that led me to take up the opportunity for coaching with Nasra.

Nasra helped me asses’ situations, explore my strengths and passion, identify clearer actions and goals. We explored my motivation, performance and work life balance.

The result was that I am able to manage my time better. I now understand my team and their role much better and I delegate, freeing up time to focus on strategic issues.

I found the experience of working with Nasra to be really useful and have no hesitation of recommending her to other people”.

Mohammed Afzal - Service Manager 

“My coaching experience with Nasra has helped me in so many ways. I feel better equipped in knowing how to develop and build on my strengths – have gained focus and a renewed interest in my job and feeling excited and confident about taking on new challenges”

Wendy – Customer Service Officer

Port of Leith Housing Association

Coaching from Nasra has allowed me to develop a realistic and focused career plan. I was not sure what direction I was headed in and how I would get there.  With coaching, I have developed greater self –awareness, self-confidence and leadership skills.  I feel like my goals are more focused now and confident that I will reach my destination.

Sofia – Dundee Carers Centre

Multi-Cultural Family Base

“We have been privileged to know and work with Nasra in a variety of ways over the years. When I first came to MCFB in November 2006, Nasra worked with us mainly on supporting BME adults into learning and training. When Nasra moved on to concentrate on her interest in training on domestic violence she continued to support us in this work and has also been a much-valued ‘critical friend’ in our Banyan Project Advisory Group. I am delighted that Nasra is also now working with us as the consultant for our ‘group mentoring for BME social work students’ project. On a personal note, Nasra has helped me to learn, in particular about domestic violence and also about working cross-culturally.”

Cathy MacNaughton, Chief Executive